Trending September 2023 # 5 Best Mobile App Development Training And Certification # Suggested October 2023 # Top 14 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # 5 Best Mobile App Development Training And Certification # Suggested October 2023 # Top 14 Popular

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The first requirement is that candidates should have some knowledge of mobile computing. Usually, individuals from computer-related courses such as Java and MS/SQL are eligible to enroll in the course. In addition to this, if you have a knack for designing mobile apps or are looking to mobile app development new games and other useful apps that can benefit people, you can look forward to building a prospering career in this field.

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Web development, programming languages, Software testing & others

They are-

Programming Language

Choice of an Operating System

While mobile app development, you must use any core language for the development process. The major languages include Objective-C, generally used for Apple iOS devices; C++ for the Symbian mobile platform; c # for the Windows phone; and Java for all Android-based phones and Blackberry handsets. Once you opt for the operating system, proceed towards programming languages and building software.

Prerequisites for Attaining Mobile App Development Training And Certification

This wide arena offers various job opportunities because the demand for mobile apps is increasing with the passing of each day. One must also be aware that you can only be awarded the mobile app development training and certification if you can complete fifteen credit units. Out of these fifteen, six are compulsory, whereas nine are electives. A student is required to get a ‘C’ or higher grade in each of the courses. As mentioned earlier, you need to select an Operating System between Android, Windows, and iOS as a part of the curriculum. You also need to choose some additional courses to complete the certification. While enrolling for the program, you must also submit the ‘Declaration of Candidacy’ compulsorily before completing the third course. Once you have completed the program successfully, you must submit a request to receive the certificate. You must make all these requests within five years of enrolling in the course.

Benefits of the Mobile App Development Training and Certification Program

Some of the major benefits of this program are as follows-

One becomes well acquainted with the most widely used computer languages, like Java, C++, C#, etc., to create new innovative apps for various mobile operating systems.

Frame plans to overcome the problems related to the development of apps. You learn the process of testing code and how to debug and change documents.

Also, you learn how to operate an application better with the help of wireless communication.

Learn how to make the app more user-friendly so that people of any age can easily handle it.

Able to compare your developed app with others and also able to evaluate the response or feedback from the consumers installing it on their mobile phones.

Mobile applications must be ensured to use corporate data or other sources efficiently.

0Acquire knowledge about new trends and requirements of mobile apps.

Analyze the relationship between the market and technologies, including cloud computing and social media platforms.

Mobile App Development Training and Certification for Android Operating System

One cannot deny the fact the Android operating system has become the most used operating system now. One of the primary reasons is that the Android operating system supports all kinds of apps you won’t find in Windows or Apple iOS. This mobile app development training and certification program aims to impart training to individuals keen on developing new apps. One of the benefits of this course is that you do not require any programming experience. After completing the program, you can offer your services individually to various clients as a freelancer who wants new apps to be designed. Or you can also work with a mobile app development company to gain more experience in the field. It also offers you an excellent opportunity to reach out to more and more Smartphone users.

The first part of this certificate course is getting Android Studio to create new apps. The main focus of this program rests on three important aspects. These include-

Creating a Layout of the App

Making it more interactive and

Work with the Android Framework and Control Flow

It is to be noted that the Advanced Training Consultants (ATC), which is the apex body offering mobile app development training and certification, is located in Dallas, Texas. While pursuing the Android Certified Application Developer program, you will learn about different skills in designing, building, debugging, and maintaining Android apps. You also have to understand the app’s lifecycle and how you can store data from external resources. Furthermore, the program also involves Android Certified Application Engineer certification. Someone who completes this program is entitled to handle the security aspect of the Android apps. However, you must qualify for the Training Skills for the Android ATC Certified Trainer exam to avail of this certification. You can also be appointed as a trainer at authentic training centers.

There is no such prerequisite. You only have to attend the training session and appear in one examination. The passing mark is 70. The cost for appearing in the exam is about $150 USD. You will get a self-study guide and sample question paper on the official website.

Oracle Java ME Mobile Application Developer

It is also vital to note that Oracle usually offers certifications in five levels and nine categories. These include applications, databases, enterprise management, Java and middleware, and more. You can attend the classroom training before appearing in the examination. The pass percentage is fifty-four. The cost for appearing in the exam is $245 USD. Only a few books are available on the subject.

GIAC Mobile Device Security Analyst (GMOB)

After getting the GIAC certification, you can get employed in the following sectors, such as auditing concepts and methodologies, firewall and prevention systems, etc., in the forensic department of the Windows and Linux system, legal, management, security administration, and software security. You learn about ethical hacking associated with the device’s safety and monitor the infringement. Regarding the exam, you have to appear in one, where the passing mark is sixty-six. You need to pay $659 to sit in the exam. You will get the course material for studying online. Another critical point to note is the certificate renewal every four years.

MCSD: Windows Store Apps

One of the most renowned software developing companies worldwide, Microsoft also provides mobile application development certificates to aspiring candidates. Anybody willing to pursue this prestigious course will have to study the following curriculum of the program. These include-

MCSD Windows Store app

Web Applications

SharePoint Applications

Azure Solutions Architect

Application Lifecycle Management

Universal Windows Platform

The mobile app developer has to develop a Windows Store App based on either of the two techniques.



The three exams include the following-

How to program HTML5 using JavaScript CSS3 or programming C#

How to create a Windows phone app using both the above-said paths

MTA Developer

Yet another very popular and valuable certification besides MCSD offered by Microsoft is MTA Developer. This mobile app development training and certification has been specially designed for the school and the college students willing to make an aspiring future in application development. People regard it as one of the valuable certifications for students and IT professionals who want to shift in their careers. This certificate helps boost the students’ careers and inspires them to prepare for more arduous examinations to get even higher certificates than this. It also offers them first-in-hand experience in the IT industry. However, it must be noted that the MTA certifications are not the criterion for the higher MCSD exams.

Earlier, there were six certifications related to the MTA Developer program. But Microsoft decided to curtail them, and finally, they were reduced to only three. The ones which have been removed include Web Development Fundamentals, .NET Fundamentals, and gaming development. On the other hand, the ones who remain are-

Software Development Fundamental

HTML5 Development Fundamentals

Software Testing Fundamentals

Like MCSD, no specific condition is required to apply for the course. Knowledge of programming will prove to be beneficial. You need to appear in one exam only. The examination fee is different for different individuals. For instance, college students must pay only $50 USD, while a non-academic person has to pay $115 USD. You will get the exam preparation guide and sample papers online and at bookstores.


The field of mobile app development training and certification is proving to be quite flourishing because of the increasing numbers of smartphones and other electronic gadgets. You can expect a high salary if you get the mobile app development certification of a well-known company such as Microsoft. Moreover, it also gives you ample opportunity to create your unique app, which can be helpful for people around you.

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