Trending September 2023 # 7 Best Google Play Store Alternatives For Android # Suggested October 2023 # Top 9 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # 7 Best Google Play Store Alternatives For Android # Suggested October 2023 # Top 9 Popular

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Google Play Store is one of the best places to download apps for Android devices, but it still has some flaws. It has exorbitant commissions for all in-app purchases. You cannot find mods of paid apps on this store. Besides, you cannot download older versions of apps quickly.

Our team has extensively researched 15+ stores to find the 7 best Google Play alternatives for your needs. Our evaluations were based on parameters like customer support, device support, etc.

Best Google Play Alternatives

Expert Advice:

“Ensure the app you install are malware and Trojan-free. Installing a Free Antivirus like TotalAV should help.”

1) Amazon App store – Best for exclusive deals/discounts on top apps

Amazon App Store maintains one of the most comprehensive and up-to-date app libraries after the Google Play Store. It is the default app store for Amazon’s devices and has many exclusive apps and games. You can buy paid apps or make in-app purchases with minimum effort.


You can earn Amazon Coins, which can later be used to get paid apps for free.

Easily access all your apps, games, and subscriptions in a single, easy-to-use dashboard.

Wide range of apps available for phones, desktops, and tablets

Charts with the top trending apps you might be interested in using.

Every day 1 paid app or game is free, allowing users to explore many premium apps without ever paying anything.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Proper support for all HTML5 apps. Limited device support.

Native app store for FireOS devices like Amazon Fire 7, Fire 9, etc.

Native support for having auto updates for all applications on your devices.

How Does Amazon App Store compare with Google Play Store?

Unlike Google Play Store, Amazon offers far better rewards and limited-period offers

You can enjoy far easier payments for subscriptions, paid apps, and in-app purchases with Amazon App Store

Key Specs:

Customer Support: Online Forums, Email, Knowledge Base

2) APKMirror – Best for Finding any app variant/version


All apps available are completely free with no modifications to the original code.

This alternative for play store provides you with suggestions from the most popular apps in recent times.

Allows you to download and install from multiple variants based on your preferences.

The native Installer allows you to install sideloaded apps directly.

Multiple versions of the same apps are based on device compatibility to help you find the correct version of apps for your needs.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Interactive community discussions for every app No cracked/molded apps are available.

Performs many security checks to ensure all available apps are safe for use

How does APKMirror compare to Google Play Store?

APKMirror offers far greater control over the version and specification of the app that you are downloading.

It allows you to discover and install apps that are not directly available in your region or device.

Key Specs:

Customer Support: FAQs, Email, Support Form

3) F-Droid – Best open-source app library

F-Droid is one of the best free app stores that allow you to instantly publish your games and apps with 0 fees, commissions, and charges. Moreover, you can request them for any games/apps currently unavailable in their app library. It divides all your apps into multiple categories, allowing you to quickly find and download the best apps.


Native Android client for performing installations, getting updates, etc.

Provides apps and games for LineageOS and GrapheneOS.

Get access to some usually paid apps available for download for free.

It is available in more than 20 regional languages across the globe.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Download apps without needing any signup or registration. A relatively smaller collection of apps.

Completely open-source software.

One of the best customer support services.

How does F-Droid compare with Google Play Store?

Unlike Google Play Store, F-Droid offers an active online community of users to discuss, share, and recommend the best apps on F-Droid

F-Droid is an open-source app library, whereas Google Play is a completely closed source.

Key Specs:

Customer Support: Online Forum, User Chat, Email

4) Uptodown – Best for finding apps for any Operating System


Allows you to bypass geographical restrictions and access apps usually unavailable in your country.

Allows developers to register and publish their apps with no major significant restrictions.

Support for user ratings and reviews for each app, allowing you to choose the right apps for your needs.

Built-in support to roll back apps to a desired version from the past.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Some relatively insecure and poorly built apps are also available.

Available in 15 popular languages across the globe.

Completely free with no features locked behind paywalls.

How does Uptodown compare to Google Play Store?

Uptodown offers a far more comprehensive range of supported devices than Google Play Store, as it also offers apps for Windows and iOS.

Uptodown has much more relaxed rules for new developers wanting to publish their apps online cost-effectively.

Key Specs:

Customer Support: Contact Form, Email, Online Documentation

5) Samsung Galaxy Store – Best for Effortless in-app purchases

Samsung Galaxy Store is an alternative app store for Android apps and smartwatches. It lets you browse and find your favorite apps using multiple categories and built-in search/filtering functionality. It also provides unique features and apps for Samsung phones, watches, and accessories.


Automating updates ensures that you always run the latest version of apps on your device.

In-app purchases through various payment options, like Samsung Pay, PayPal, and credit card.

Special discounts, offers, and additional perks for Samsung’s customers.

Read reviews and ratings for different apps that help you make the right purchase decision.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Regular audits and safety checks to ensure all apps available are safe and secure. Relatively smaller app collection for Android.

Massive array of supported payment methods

Exclusive apps and tools for Samsung device owners.

How does Samsung Galaxy Store compare to Google Play Store?

Galaxy Store offers various apps and tools built for Samsung devices that are unavailable on Google Play Store

Compared to Google Play Store, Samsung is a far better choice for buying subscriptions and making in-app purchases

Key Specs:

Customer Support: Email, Documentation

6) GetApps – Best for Getting apps on Xiaomi Devices

GetApps is one of the best Google Play alternatives built by Xiaomi. It has a robust app library and search function, allowing you to find your favorite apps quickly. The personalized recommendations are made available based on your interests and preferences. Besides, it has some of the broadest apps specific to China.


Supports multiple regional languages, allowing a wide variety of users to access it effortlessly.

Dedicated customer support is always ready to help you with any issues or complaints.

Provides detailed information about each app, like supported regions, size, and developers.

It has privacy and safety-related details about each app.

Details about device compatibility and permissions needed to use the app.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Fewer apps are available outside China.

Provides a wide range of gaming, social media, productivity apps, etc.

Special features and tools for Xiaomi devices.

How does GetApps compare to Google Play Store?

Unlike Google Play Store, it provides detailed information about the app and critical data about an app’s privacy features.

Compared to Play Store, it provides some exclusive features and tools for Xiaomi devices.

Key Specs:

Customer Support: Email

7) 9Apps – Best for multi-language support

9Apps is a free app store for Android for exploring a vast array of apps and games. It provides a handpicked list of recommended apps in various categories across regions. Moreover, it provides high-quality reviews, ratings, and updates about all apps and games, helping you make better decisions.


Maintains a catalog of previous versions of every app, allowing you to return to a previous version.

Robust security checks to ensure only the safest and most user-friendly apps are available.

You can use its categories and robust search to find/discover relevant apps with ease.

Curates lists and app recommendations to help customers make better decisions.

It supports more than 20 regional languages to provide a comfortable experience to all users.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Absolutely zero data tracking to ensure you can explore and download apps with complete privacy Poor customer support service

Allows you to search/filter your favorite apps and download them easily

How does 9Apps compare to Google Play Store?

Unlike Play Store, 9Apps provides multi-language support, making it accessible to a global audience.

9Apps has strict privacy policies with no data tracking, whereas Google Play Store may collect extensive data from you.

Key Specs:

Customer Support: Email, social media


Some of the best alternatives for the Play Store are:

Amazon App Store

Apk Mirror



Galaxy Store

Some of the essential things to search for in the alternative Android app store are:

Customer Support: Your app store should have responsive customer support for handling all queries.

Supported Platforms: It should have an extensive library of apps for all your devices and peripherals.

App Library: You should look for a Google Play alternative with a vast library, allowing you to find your favorite apps easily.

Pricing: It should have a free basic version and a cost-effective paid version with additional features.

Here are the steps to download an unknown app from Google Play Store:

Step 1) Make sure you download the app from a reliable website/app store.

Step 2) Open your preferred file manager and navigate to the. APK file of your app

Final Verdict:

We have thoroughly evaluated some of the best Google Play alternatives for you. Our team has compared all these app stores on various parameters to help you find the best alternative for Play Store. Here are some of the apps that are best for specific use cases.

F-Droid is ideal if you want responsive customer support that quickly solves your issues.

If you want an app store with a wide range of apps for various platforms, you can choose Uptodown.

ApkMirror is ideal for ease of use with proper security checks, no signups/data collection, and an easily navigable interface.

Best Google Play Alternatives

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