Trending September 2023 # 9 Best Fps Games For Ios And Android # Suggested October 2023 # Top 10 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # 9 Best Fps Games For Ios And Android # Suggested October 2023 # Top 10 Popular

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9 Best FPS Games for iOS and Android Look at some of the best FPS games for Android and iOS: 1. Call off Duty

Rating on App Store – 4.7

Amongst all the available FPS games, it is one of the best FPS games. The game offers a rich, action-packed shooting experience with its numerous vibrant features and various game modes. In this game, a variety of matches are played. Additionally, a battle royale match with 100 players is entertaining and can only be unlocked once you have completed many rounds.

Accurate Multiplayer Shooting Game.

Supports graphical customization

Easy Controls for mobile users.

Allows practice games with friends.

Download for Android.

Download for iOS.

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2. Modern Strike

Rating On Google Play – 4.4

Rating on App Store – 4.6

This game’s core theme is the conflict between good and evil. There are eight different means to choose from to play this game. Both a single player and a large group of players can make this choice in this game. Additionally, users have a choice of 70 distinct sorts after choosing a mode. It provides several options for customization of the character and upgrading the weapons.


Incredible graphics and animation.

Versatile arena modes with exclusive daily missions.

20+ characters to choose from.

Customization for players and weapons is available.

Download for Android.

Download for iOS.

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3. Unkilled

Rating On Google Play – 4.0

Rating on App Store – 4.7

Unkilled is known to be a multiplayer game. Zombies are the focus of this game. The player must select one of the five characters from the list of five in the first-person shooter game. The game is extremely adaptable, and the player also has the choice of utilizing a gamepad to operate it. This game’s availability of a PvP multiplayer mode is one of its standout features.


Zombie-themed games.

Gather unique Weapons.

Lets you build your army.

Cinematic graphics experience.

Download for Android.

Download for iOS.

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4. Shadowgun Legends

Rating On Google Play – 4.4

Rating on App Store – 4.7

One of the FPS games for iOS has been specifically chosen for multiplayer and offers single campaigns. A lot of action is present in this game, which is entirely safe. More than 10,000 armor and weaponry items can be customized based on the player’s choice of game avatar is astounding. The compelling stories and missions in Shadowgun Legends make it more interesting for the players.


PvP Multiplayer combats.

Co-op Missions and Raids.

Follow an Epic Story of Saving Humanity.

Real-Time Team Battles.

Download for Android.

Download for iOS.

5. Infinity Ops

Rating On Google Play – 4.4

Rating on App Store – 4.7

Infinity Ops is an FPS game for Android as well as iOS. This game’s gameplay mechanics are similar to the epic Battlefield 2142 or Battlefield 2042. There are numerous weaponry and armor options in Infinity Ops. The player also has the best chance of adjusting to novel locations and movement styles. The opportunity to use jetpacks is also available to the players.


Different Weaponry and Armor Options.

Intuitive User Control.

Customization available for game scenarios.

Simple to understand interface.

Download for Android.

Download for iOS.

6. Hitman Sniper

Rating On Google Play – 3.9

Rating on App Store – 4.8


Gather weapons and complete blueprints.

Most fascinating and powerful rifles.

Multiple vantage points.

Get rewarded for gameplay.

Download for Android.

Download for iOS.

7. Battlegrounds Mobile

Compatible with – Android 4.3 or higher

Rating On Google Play – 4.3

Also known as BGMI, it is one of the best FPS games. Even the base of this game is the same as Call of Duty yet; this tops when comparing both. While playing the game, considerations like wind direction and speed must be made. In addition to creating those who do the best in the game, coupons are given to the winner. These special qualities make this game a completely different one, increasing its popularity.


Highly distinctive map design.

A set of matches that stand out.

Great rewards for winners.

Practice in the training mode.

Download for Android.

8. Doom 3

Rating On Google Play – 4.5

Rating on App Store – 3.7

Doom is a good FPS game for iOS & Android and one of the retro games. It was first made available in the 1990s and later entered the mobile game industry. The expansion includes Thy Flesh Consumed as well. For aficionados of the classic, this is a must-have story. You can buy this game for $ 4.99. Players have long enjoyed it despite the fact that it is a dated classic game.


Shoot in the traditional arcade way.

Uses 3D Spatiality.

Player-created modifications with the Doom WAD format.

Also, include Doom I and Doom II.

Download for Android.

Download for iOS.

9. PUBG New State

Rating On Google Play – 3.9

Rating on App Store – 3.9

This is an upgraded version of the very popular game PUBG. It is an addition to an older game that uses the same gameplay mechanics as PUBG. Some of the internal game design is different, but the gameplay is similar. The game can be finished in 20 minutes or less.


Upgraded and heavier versions of the graphics.

Contains entirely new weapons and armor.

Expansive battlegrounds.

Strategically-places weapons.

Download for Android.

Download for iOS.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is COD Mobile the top first-person shooter game?


What FPS game is the most challenging in the world?

Valorant is regarded by most gamers as one of the most challenging first-person shooter games.


What is the maximum frame rate in PUBG?

In reality, the frame rate cap for PUBG is 144.


Is COD Mobile compatible with 1 GB RAM?

It is necessary to have an Android smartphone running Android 5.1 or at least 2GB RAM. The game is compatible with all iOS devices running iOS 9 or higher.


This is the list of the first-person shooter games that are available for both iOS as well as Android devices. You can find single-player and multiplayer games in this list. Each game has different graphics, designs, modes, and visuals. As a reviewer, we explore various games to develop a well-informed list for our readers. Call Of Duty and Modern Strike top the chart for these first-person shooter games.

Suppose we have to suggest your playful soul’s top two games. In that case, it will be ‘Unkilled’ (because of its zombie-driven environment and interesting UX) and ‘Shadowgun Legends’ (due to the game’s purpose revolving around saving humanity and the interesting facets through which it allows the player to serve to the given purpose). We hope this list helps you pick the apt game for yourself!

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