Trending September 2023 # Complete Guide To The Unity Dashboard # Suggested October 2023 # Top 16 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # Complete Guide To The Unity Dashboard # Suggested October 2023 # Top 16 Popular

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Introduction to Unity Dashboard

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What is Unity Dashboard?

To go to the unity dashboard, search Unity Id Login on the google search box and open the first link, Unity ID.

Once you log in, it will redirect you to this page.

Here navigate to the My Account section, which is on the left side of this page, and in this section, you will find Unity Dashboard.

How to Use the Unity Dashboard?

Your project will create like this with your given name.

And then the ‘I don’t plan to Mediation, only Unity Ads’ option.

In the Mediation Partner section, choose the App store or Google play option if your app is listed on any of the platforms; if not, go with ‘My app is not live in an app store yet.

Unity Dashboard Kit

Unity has a pre-created dashboard kit that targets a wide range of use for devices, such as mobile and desktop applications, in light and dark modes. This kit helps designers to build a project in a faster as well as more accessible way. It contains ten pre-designed templates those includes component cards of more than 90, and these cards are linked with a global style guide and symbols.

Elements offered in the Unity dashboard kit are fully editable to create one if one wants. The components provided in this kit are from Figma and Sketch, which are fully resizable as per the requirement of your dashboard designs. In this kit, you can find different sections of the dashboard such as the Overview page, Products page, Campaigns page, Schedules page, Payouts page, Statements page, Inbox v, Notifications page, Comments page, Account Settings page like I find on ui8/products/unity-dashboard-kit website.

Unity Dashboard Design

Unity Dashboard Design should be full of optimization so one can easily navigate through different sections of its dashboard for better workflow.

Here you can categorize Unity Dashboard Design into three main sections those are:

1. Graphical Display

Graphical Display is eye pleasant and easy to navigate. In addition, simple and well-organized graphic elements make it handier and help in data management.

2. Real-Time Configurable Statistics

And these graphical elements include graphs, charts, badges, and tiles, full as well as half gauges. In addition, there are both Tabular and Graphical options available to control how important statistics are presented.

3. Key ACD

ACD statistics are there to understand how any agents and call centers behave. These Statistics include Longest Wait Time, Calls in Queue, and Calls that are abandoned.

Agent Gamification: This management encourages self-management by competing with various agents through the dashboard. You can understand it as the top 5 Agents for answered calls or, based on outbound ACD calls – top 10 Agents.

Tabular Display: You can manage these settings and elements in the form of tabular and graphical formats because Unity Dashboard offers both. Due to this facility, you will find more flexibility during working with it.

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