Trending September 2023 # Houdini Training Course (8 Courses Bundle, Online Certification) # Suggested October 2023 # Top 17 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # Houdini Training Course (8 Courses Bundle, Online Certification) # Suggested October 2023 # Top 17 Popular

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Houdini FX – Unleash The Power of Houdini


Procedural Modeling in Houdini – Beginners

Procedural modeling is a method to adjust, rearrange or change several similar objects or a single object in the frame with updates, it rebuilds or creates models as per the codes we select in Node. Developing technical maps for electrical, Geographic, Mechanical, Telecommunication and more. Tab button opens the Node finder where objects and their relationship with effects are structured. This Houdini course contains the complete transparency usage of Node finder options and creating models and attributions using the Node interface and how it visually viewed in the 3D work screen (Viewport) for visualization. Know the use of Bounding box to place the peace of geometries to it to maintain linked. Creating a step by step modeling to have a complex model for a complete game, action movies VFX, Magic tricks and many others using Node is Procedural Modeling. With all fundamental concepts of modeling using Houdini.


Procedural Modeling in Houdini – Advanced

In this Advance phase of Procedural modeling of Houdini training course we will start using the asserts and templets with setting the environment of the viewport with geometry such as cloudy sky, default models of the game, etc. creating VFX for Houdini and making large scale sets of construction or destruction, fire, blast, smoke and few other similar effect creation usage of presets. The concept of character designing with realistic visuals, Rigging, Polygon managing tool, particle modeling effect &detail creation of modeling will be covered in the Advance phase of course with smart handling of each tool in Houdini and Node finder. By the end, you will be knowing why Houdini is best for modeling than any other software. Ex:- huge VFX sets of-  Transformers, Jungle Book VFX making.


Houdini Soft Body Dynamics


Mastering Destruction in Houdini

Houdini destruction effect has its mark in VFX movie-making and gaming as we know when destruction happens we lot more medium and small particles fly with irrespective of directions that’s where the destruction feels beauty come into life. Not only collusion but also handling tiny particles in the frame is easy by the Houdini destruction effect. We will be learning the professional technics of making destruction and few nonstandard unique workflows to save your time while creating or modifying while production. Creating of Nodes for destruction and practicing them. Usage of patching, fracturing, review, dust effect, correcting damage areas and monaurally sculpturing some damage and destruction effects and many more will be discussed and practiced. The similar situation made examples are: car crossing 2 building in Fast and furious movie. –


Houdini Cloth Workflow

This contains creating Cloth behavior and its stimulation for the character which is modeled with creating constraints, adding geometry parts to cloth using deformers Houdini has enough tool to handle this effect and make cloth attached to object feel real with a sequence of coding with node and cloth by creating networks, managing the properties of the cloth, point editing feature for cloth stick to object for avoiding the cloth fall. Once everything is done play and verifying the effect and properties applied are good to see, the flipbook is used to see the quick recap of animation programmed in Node. This cloth effect is frequently used in horror movies to make the views feel some ghost is present under the cloth. There is a lot of fun in creating such effects and making the visual animated using Houdini.


VEX Wrangle in Houdini

This Houdini course covers the VEX coding procedure in Houdini through work Node and how to convert to single wrangle Node. We can write several nodes in the application as VEX expressions or snippets of VEX code for

Point Wrangle

Attrib Wrangle

Geometry nodes

Geometry Wrangle

Gas Field Wrangle

Dynamics Nodes

Particle Dynamic Nodes

VEX script can be runt on elements we will be trained on the procedure coding which runs faster than automatically supports. Wrangle in Houdini means a set of attribution to points, geometry and others which help in completing and applying attribution correctly and colliding different geometries in the same frame to avoid gaps in geometry and realistic feel for visual standards of quality.



It has Shelf tools arranged.

Network and Parameters for maintaining standards of design development

Geometry handling can be done creatively

Copying and instancing geometry from other formats and rendering them.

Characters designing


Animation and dynamics to particle, fluids, Pyro, Hairs, hair, etc.

Compositing and using digital assets

Materializing the elements and using python scripts, Nodes for references.

Overall it a combo of all animation process available in a single application. The best application for skilling up if you are from the animation field.

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