Trending September 2023 # How To Install Exodus Kodi Addon (Jul 2023 Redux Releases) # Suggested October 2023 # Top 17 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # How To Install Exodus Kodi Addon (Jul 2023 Redux Releases) # Suggested October 2023 # Top 17 Popular

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Exodus is one of the most popular Kodi addons, which has been around for a few years now. The Addon used to work well, but its original developers abandoned it. Another team of developers later revived it. This Kodi tutorial will teach you how to install Exodus Kodi & Exodus Redux Kodi addons.

Why use Exodus Kodi Addon?

Few other important exist within Exodus, like Most Popular, Most Voted, Oscar winners, in Theaters, and New Movies.

Here are some important features of Exodus redux addon:

It offers a massive streaming library of blockbuster movies, popular TV shows, and factual programming.

You can access Ultra HD streams on the Exodus Redux addon if you link your Real-Debrid or AllDebrid account.

Exodus Redux gets regular bug and resolver fixes and feature updates.

Exodus Redux allows you to filter movies and TV shows by several categories and dozens of genres.

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The Exodus Kodi Addon provides filtering options that allow you to select movies and television shows of your choice. You can see the following Genres: Action, Anime, Adventure, Animation, Anime, Comedy, Crime, Documentary, Drama, Fantasy, History, Horror, Music, Science Fiction, Sport, Thriller, War, etc. on this list.

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How to Install Exodus Redux

Exodus is one of the most popular Kodi addons due to its enormous choice of movies, television shows, kids’ shows, and available documentaries.

Here are steps that you need to follow for installing Exodus Redux:

Step 1) Open the Settings option when you are on the Kodi home-screen and then go to System Settings.

Step 3) In the Add-ons, select the option Install from zip file

Step 5) In the Warning dialogue box, Select the Yes option.

Step 6) In the next screen, Select the file manager option.

Step 13) Go to the next window, Select redux option from the list.

Step 15) After this step, you will successfully install the Kodi Exodus Redux repository. You will get the message EXODUS REDUX installed.

How to Install Exodus Kodi Addon

Step 2) Open the Exodus Redux Repo

Step 3) Select the Video addons option.

Step 4) Select Exodus Redux from the given options.

Step 5) Select the Install button at the right side of the screen corner.

Step 7) You will find that Exodus Redux is visible so that you have successfully installed it on your PC.

How to watch movies with Kodi redux addon?

Many people still unaware of watching shows and movies on Exodus Addon. This quick guide will help them out. However, if you are familiar with Kodi Media Player, this will be helpful for you if you are new too with this add-on.

Here are simple steps you should follow:

Step 2) Select video to add-ons in the next window.

Step 3) Select Exodus Redux

Step 4) Select movies option

Step 5) Select the search option.

Step 6) Select the New search option.

Step 7) Select any movie name like in this case, we are going to select Harry Potter.

Step 8) Select the movie name from the list.

Step 9) Select the movie streaming option.

Alternatives to Exodus Kodi Add-on

These are some of the most popular Exodus Kodi addons for 2023:

Fen: Allows Kodi to stream from newsgroups, premium services, and regular web sources. Neat and fast user interface.

Tempest: Tempest is a multi-scraper addon with many extra features.

Venom: Venom is a multi-scraper addon based on Exodus. It allows you to enjoy the movie and TV shows on demand.

Magic Dragon: It is the rebranded version of the Dogs Bollock addon, which was also popular among Kodi users. It provides a lot of streams like movies, TV shows, documentaries, and more.

The Crew: It is a multi-scraper addon with lots of features like sports, radio, kids’ section, and more.

Seren: Great addon for streaming premium sources. A current addon that requires other integrations. It uses pairing with real-debris.

Yoda: It is an on-demand movie and TV show addon

Elementum: This plugin offers high-quality streams using torrents.

Trouble shooting:

1. Searching the Kodi application

2. Exodus Not Working/ Streaming

The new version Exodus v8.2.0 will be able to fix the streaming issues. However, if you still have issues, you can keep reading.

Suppose you are here to fix the Exodus Kodi problems that are mainly related to no stream available for movies / TV shows. Then you need to reinstall the Addon using the steps.

However, if you are using an older Exodus Addon that was available through TVAddons. It may not work because it has shut down the TVAddons.

The way to get it working is to install it again using Kodi Bae Repo.

Troubleshoot Exodus Redux Playback Errors

Step 2) Select the option of scraper settings.

What Are the Reasons for Exodus Not Working in Kodi?

There might be some network-related issues with your device.

The chances are that some components in your network or system might be blocking Exodus.

It can also be the case that you are using an older or outdated version of Exodus on Kodi.

The video content that you are trying to load might not be available anymore.

If the video is large or of ultra-high-quality, then it can cause a timeout for an unstable connection.

Some security, firmware, or network issue can be a trigger for Kodi’s no stream error.

Troubleshoot Exodus Redux Playback Errors

Clear The Cache On Exodus

Is your Exodus becomes choppy, and you are also facing too much buffering issue on Kodi? Then it would help if you clear the cache of your Addon as it can slow down your Firestick. It may cause buffering, too much lag, etc.

Step 2) In the next window, select the Video Addons option.

Step 8) You will then notice the Process Complete notification, which appears on the top right-hand side of the screen.


Yes, Kodi Addon is legal. However, what you access after you have installed this addon may be legal or illegal. For that, you can use a VPN as outlined on this page so that you can use Kodi addons anonymously.

A VPN like PortonVPN is always encouraged when installing 3rd party Kodi addons and repositories. It also helps you to secure your privacy and anonymity when streaming movies or videos.

Kodi addon: This addon is defined as a collection of packages that add some features and functions not normally included with Kodi. These addons are always developed by the people on Team Kodi and third-parties.

Kodi Repositories: It is also called Repo’s, are containers for Addons, which are basically apps for Kodi. Some Kodi repositories have a single Addon within them.

Kodi Build: Are the preconfigured setups for Kodi so that you no need to install the individual add-ons. Within a single build, you can find lots of many popular addons, and you can directly use the addons and save time.

It is easy to use that is why many developers in various working environments emulate the classic version’s user interface. There have been hundreds of forks (imitation of original) and alternatives to this movie addon still. None have come close near to this TV addon.

Exodus addon of Kodi has received updates from many other developers in various forms and reports since Lambda stopped development. There are many Exodus alternatives, but hardly anyone gained the popularity of the original.

Using the Exodus Kodi addon, you can watch the latest TV Shows and Movies. This addon helps you to find all series from Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, etc. It also allows you to watch the latest movies and their trailers as well.

Yes, Exodus Redux is an updated Addon that is already working. It was checked last month, and it works best and fine. To ensure that, always check these Addons every month.

Follow these steps for updating your Addon.

On Kodi’s main menu:

Step 2) Go to My addons.

Step 3) Enter Video addons.

These are the steps to uninstall Exodus on Kodi:

Select add-ons from the Kodi main menu.

Step 1) Go to My Add-ons, then the Video Add-ons directory.

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