Trending September 2023 # How To Stop Windows Pc From Freezing # Suggested October 2023 # Top 17 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # How To Stop Windows Pc From Freezing # Suggested October 2023 # Top 17 Popular

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How To Stop Windows PC from Freezing

However, if you are among those who wants to resolve freezing of the computer manually, here are the manual steps for you.

Reason for freezing of Windows PC:

There are many reasons due to which a Computer freezes, and they are mentioned below:

2. Multiple applications running on the system.

3. Virus or malware.

5. Game or application that is not responding making the impression of freezing the system.

What to do if your computer freezes?

There are different steps that you can take to unfreeze your Computer. The tips below are easy to follow and will unfreeze your Computer in no time.

1. Clear some space on your hard drive:

2. Close all the unnecessary application running on the system. Applications that are running on your system will take resources and with multiple applications running simultaneously will freezes the computer. When the applications are closed they will unfreeze computer.

Viruses and malwares acquire resources necessary for functioning of the system. If your Windows PC is constantly freezing, then you should check your Windows PC for viruses and malwares using a good security software.

Insufficient RAM is also one of the main reasons of freezing of the Windows PC. In this care just buy the extra RAM and install it.

How to Avoid freezing of Windows 10 PC in future:

We have listed the reasons for frozen Windows PC above, however, necessary steps should be taken so that we do not face the same problem again and again.

Tips mentioned below are very easy and will help you to keep your PC in the good health.

1. Always make sure that enough free space is available on your hard drive. You can directly monitor hard drive space from My Computer (This PC).

3. Remove application from startup. Application when runs on startup slows down the system. We suggest you disable application running on startup, which will help you to increase the boot time of your system and will also stop freezing the system.

4. Take regular Windows Update and update outdated drivers. Make sure that Windows Update is always on, Windows update will install all the necessary patches to keep your Windows PC up to date and will also update your device drivers.

5. Remove all the junk from the system. Junk files takes lots of space on the system drive, removing all the junk will create space on the system drive and will help you to run the system smoothly.

6. Keep your system secure from infections. You can use Windows Security to keep your system safe from infection.

Freezing of computer is very annoying, however, we can follow these steps and keep our system in good health. There can be many reasons due to which computer freezes randomly.

 If your computer freezes randomly then you must read this blog and unfreeze the computer.

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