Trending September 2023 # Learn The Various Alternatives Of Gliffy In Detail # Suggested October 2023 # Top 14 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # Learn The Various Alternatives Of Gliffy In Detail # Suggested October 2023 # Top 14 Popular

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Definition of Gliffy

Gliffy software is useful for designing and defining diagrams concerning Jira and confluence. It provides lots of hints and useful plugins for developers or architects to design and develop any document and diagram efficiently without any hindrance. Gliffy also provides many options to content developers and users using Jira and Confluence as an alternative to it. Link Diagrams and navigation from one page to another to refer to any diagram per usage in Confluence or Jira becomes quite simplified and easy to understand. Edits and manipulation in Gliffy are quite easy and are the best part of the software.

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List of Gliffy Alternatives

Although Gliffy is extremely asked software because of its simplicity and ease of usage in terms of designing and making diagrams, still, there are lots of alternative to it, which are as follows:


















yEd Graph Editor


The above list is some of the alternatives to Gliffy and must be used per the requirement as each has the same end goal to design and develop diagrams efficiently, but still, it will have some difference per usage.

1. Lucidchart 2. OmniGraffle

OmniGraffle is a tool for creating enhanced and beautiful graphics with great innovation. It is particularly designed for wireframes in website designing, creating diagrams based on hierarchy, and mapping with specific software classes. It helps in making some of the rapid prototypes as well.

3. Balsamiq

Balsamiq is also software somewhat similar to Omnigraffle used for designing website wireframes with rapidity and ease, thus providing numerous options related to paper sketching with powerful digital tools providing proper feedback and mockups with the ability to sketches and allowing designing new interfaces as well.

4. Visio

Vision helps make the software flexible and user-friendly using the quick capture feature of flowcharts that might have been used for any brainstorming session within an IT network or organization. This Visio helps in making the diagrams more visible to end-users.


This software is often used as standard technology per industry norms for diagramming software related to confluence and Jira for end users, especially to make the user well-versed with the flow diagram, UML diagram, and anything.

6. Moqups

Users employ Moqups to create a friendly user interface and develop and create sketches with wireframes and prototypes for the next project, specifically for SVG diagrammatic representation.

7. Sketch 8. Cacoo

Cacoo, another alternative to Gliffy, creates diagrams online and enables efficient collaboration for all team members to join with the whole team. It helps in both wireframing and diagramming.

9. Smartdraw

This tool also helps create more than 60 – 70 types of diagrams categorized for Diagramming and org charts. It helps in making the entire organizational process in a team streamlined.

10. Miro

Miro is also the software for creating innovative UML and mock diagrams for visualization to collab and communicates across the company.

11. Axure RP

Axure RP is the standard software used for prototyping and power to mock up UI, which will be easy for team brainstorming and easy designing of ready-made Mockup screens for enhanced web designing.

12. Pingboard

Pingboard software, compared to gliffy, is helpful because it helps maintain the hierarchy and org chart of the team used for most of the three-tier growing companies to solve problems for growing companies getting up-to-date contact and information about any relevant person or group. Thus helping employees by storing valuable data on the database used as an inbuilt database. The company administrator maintains all this.

13. Figma

People use Figma as another web-designing wireframing app for interface design as well. It is present and available in all web, macOS, and Windows forms.

14. Samepage 15. Cloudcraft

This software supports all cloud-related companies, especially AWS diagrams and cloud-related infrastructure diagrams, which allow developers and technical designers to create smart diagrams for good cloud architecture diagrams.

16. Whimsical

Whimsical is used by teams for wireframing and diagramming, offering a collaborative visual workspace, whereas Gliffy is also utilized for similar purposes. It allows users to create flowcharts, diagrams, sticky notes, etc.

17. UXPin

Gliffy and UXPin belong to the same software category, as they both serve as UX Design Platforms for wireframing. Users can sign up for UXPin free of charge.

18. yED Graph Editor

Users commonly utilize this software as a desktop-based application that enables quick and effective generation of high-quality diagrams, primarily designed for diagramming purposes.


Gliffy as an alternative is used for various diagramming and wireframing purposes, but again, it depends on the requirement and organization request which particular Gliffy alternative they want to follow as a standard and acts as a good bridge of gaps between the user and the entire team itself. All the team members’ access and understandability regarding diagrams become easy.

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