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Trending September 2023 # Qualities Of A Project Manager # Suggested October 2023 # Top 9 Popular

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Introduction to Qualities of a Project Manager

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The project manager is the driver of the project, and it is his responsibility to lead the project to the success path only. While taking on the project, the manager will deal with different challenges- technical, human resources, or conceptual problems. Also, during the project cycle, unpredictable issues can arise, so project managers should have the confidence and experience to respond promptly and act to save time and avoid project delays. The project manager is responsible for delivering the project to the client within the constraints of cost, schedule, quality, and safety requirements. Whether quality or productivity, the overall performance is associated with the management process and business practices.

Top 12 Qualities of a Project Manager

Here are some of the amazing qualities of a Project manager:

1. Learning and Adapting to Change

Project managers are special individuals with a vision, strong confidence, and a high level of self-motivation. Project managers are not born with this quality; they train themselves with technical knowledge and develop soft skills while indulging in several activities. They prepare themselves with quality education (it can be international education for today’s scenario) and take initial steps with experience in the field over the years; the experience teaches them every detail related to projects. Project managers are regularly learning to keep themselves updated with the latest technology and new skills demanded in the market, which makes them smarter managers of today’s era. This quality makes individuals aware of updated technology that they can use for fast processing.

2. Managing People

The management style has changed over the years from the traditional style, which focused on managing things, to the new style, which lets managers focus on managing people. This change in management style let the manager focus on management rather than on issues; the human resource (team) can feel more learning (guidance/ coaching) than control on them by the manager. Control decreases productivity by some percent, but guidance (leadership) will increase productivity. Project management now is working with a different approach; it focuses on managing resources, keeping schedules, and achieving goals.

Maintaining people(team) on track is the biggest achievement for the manager; this process can provide a picture of success or failure for the project. To manage people, good leadership is required; dictatorship (control) may lead to the team being disturbed and out of interest, which is one of the reasons for the delay or even failure of the project. Human resources management is done through different resource planning, integrating new recruitment, selecting the best candidate, job analysis, remuneration, performance assessment, fulfilling personal needs, and training for missing skills. The demand for a competent manager with the necessary skills is higher.

3. Competency

Competency is the must-have success factor today (also for the future). The meaning of competency differs from person to person; it is generated based on the nature of the project. One common meaning of competency, as defined, is- the “ability to mobilize, integrate, and transfer knowledge, skills, and resources to reach or surpass the configured performance in work assignments, adding economic and social value to the organization and the individual”.

The project manager’s competency requires a good amount of practice, the individual’s potential, and knowledge(deep) about the project. The manager should have the caliber to maintain the project management cycle from start to end, which can lead him to deliver the project within the deadline and with the correct requirements. The project manager can run a check to identify competencies needed in the project, which he can later turn to achieve all the relatable competencies before leading the project.

4. Communication

The manager can solve several issues by making engaging in communication and motivation. The manager should communicate with the team about the requirements and deadline of the project. The better the communication, the better is engaging power; if the team can engage with the project and the manager, they can make a good piece of the project.

5. Emotional Intelligence (EI)

is the most factor which only good leaders talk about. EI is the ability of the manager to understand the emotions and react in a certain way. Normally projects are for humans, and human has emotions, so it is a new thing to work for the real world once and for all. If the manager can understand the EI of the team, he can react that way to individuals in the team and make the maximum use of their vital skills.

6. Risk Factor

The manager must have a clear understanding of the demands/requirements. When is demanded? And how can he full fill the demand? And should be prepared for the risks coming up to the timeline because active management works well; reactive is unacceptable in this competitive world. The manager must give up his comfort zone; If he stays, he will never be able to follow/search for a new method, and a risk-taking factor is required.

7. Leadership 8. Flexibility 9. Influence

People always praise managers who can influence the team. If the manager has the quality to influence people, that can put up a positive attitude and build trust in the manager; this always results in good, and the project is successful.

10. Open for Questions

Questions arise after doubts; if the manager can arrange a session for questions before starting the project (preferably during the initial phase), it can add up possibilities of success, and everybody will have clarity about what is demanded. Team members can also ask what working style will be good for this project; clarity in the process is suitable for a successful project.

11. Soft Skills

Soft skills will help the manager at every stage of the project. The manager can connect at times with the team. A well-spoken and soft-reactive person is always in demand. The manager should keep calm in hard situations; that is the only way to keep the team in control.

12. Breakthrough Office Politics

People cannot avoid office politics; if the manager is capable enough to manage this part, he can make the maximum out of the employees. The manager must be fair with the work, which will help him get the best team based on skills, not politics. The manager can assign a task based on the best skill one has for the project. The project manager should treat their team in a good way; he should also give credit for the team’s success and always stand in front to take responsibility for the project’s failure, making him a good leader and manager.

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