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Trending September 2023 # Ruby On Rails Vs Php # Suggested October 2023 # Top 16 Popular

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Differences Between Ruby on Rails vs PHP

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The initial implementation of Ruby was written in the C programming language. Ruby has extensions of a file as ‘rb.’ Ruby has the features of other scripting languages like Perl, Small Talk, and Python. Mainly it has a similar syntax to Perl and C language.

Ruby strikes an excellent balance between power and simplicity, enabling the creation of easily maintainable and scalable programs. Ruby facilitates the extension through numerous libraries specifically designed for this purpose, emphasizing testing significantly.

Some features that Ruby has evolved are dynamic type and duck typing, flexible syntax, inheritance, garbage collection, exception handling, overloading, lexical closures, iterators, built-in support, and variable scope.

The Rails framework brought significant importance to Ruby in 2005 for web development. Ruby on Rails can be used to develop interface scripts. Ruby on Rails can be written with HTML language in scripts. Connecting Ruby on Rails to a database is straightforward, and developers can leverage built-in functions to construct Ruby scripts.


Rasmus Lerdorf and Zend Technologies created and developed PHP, releasing it in 1995. The last stable release was 7.2.5 in 2023. It was written in C and C++ language. You can embed PHP code within HTML and utilize it as a server-side scripting language.

It makes the applications more dynamic and simple. It can easily be connected to a database like Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, etc. PHP has used the PHP interpreter to process the code. You can execute Ruby using command-line tools and GUI applications.

PHP is very simple, efficient, secure, and flexible. PHP has extensive usage in small web applications and enjoys greater popularity than other languages.

The PHP mascot was a blue elephant featuring the PHP logo. Oops, a concept introduced in PHP 3 and PHP 4 makes the programming easier.

Head-to-Head Comparison Between Ruby on Rails vs PHP(Infographics)

Below is the Top 7 comparison between Ruby and PHP:

Key Differences Between Ruby on Rails vs PHP

Below are the differences between Ruby and PHP:

Ruby does not provide different syntax to access the methods, variables, and properties. PHP provides different syntaxes to access the same.

In Ruby, statement terminators can serve as newline terminators. It means a character in the following line. A semicolon serves as the statement terminator in PHP.

In Ruby, to concatenate two strings ‘. (dot)’ is used. In PHP, to concatenate, the ‘+’ sign is used.

Ruby does not support integer data types. PHP supports 32 and 64-bit integer data types.

Ruby has strongly typed typing. PHP has weak typing.

Ruby is expressive and readable. PHP is robust and simple

Ruby uses the ‘END’ word to finish the code blocks. In PHP, code blocks are concluded by using curly brackets {}.

Ruby uses different syntaxes to find a string length. In Ruby, you can write it as ‘string.length,’ whereas in PHP, you write it as ‘strlen($string).’

Ruby applications are expensive and complex to host and a very time-consuming process. PHP applications are far cheaper and take less time.

Ruby has supported records and complex numbers. But PHP does not keep complex numbers and records.

Ruby syntax is easier to understand and grasp. PHP syntax is complex as its standard library.

Ruby on Rails vs PHP Comparison Table



Ruby PHP

Programmed Ruby was initially implemented in C programming language. PHP was programmed in C and C++ programming languages.


Ruby is a programming language that later saw the development of the Rails framework.

PHP is a Programming language.

Application Developers use Ruby on Rails as a framework for developing both desktop applications and web applications. PHP has found wide usage primarily in the development of web applications.

Development In Ruby, development & deployment is difficult compared to PHP. In PHP, development and deployment are easy.

Functions Ruby has to load libraries to get the corresponding function. PHP has inbuilt functions, which make things easier.

Syntax Ruby’s syntax is similar to Perl and Python. PHP syntax is similar to Perl and C language.

Performance Ruby applications are slower than PHP. PHP applications give better performance than Ruby.


PHP is stronger in providing consistency, uniform variable syntax, sensitive context, and abstract syntax, making the language consistent despite problems with standard library issues. PHP is simple, easier to learn, and most widely used in the market. There is a lot of online support for PHP, including many template engines, developers, editors, and tools.

Ruby is more powerful than PHP. It has been popular with the Rails framework, which makes the language more versatile and adaptable. Ruby is difficult to learn as compared to PHP. Ruby has an excellent online community to provide support and becoming popular with developers.

Each language has its strong areas. While building an application, developers must take care of many things, including the complex task of selecting an appropriate language for development. The selection process considers the pros and cons of the language, giving primary concerns to performance, scalability, cost, support, and maintainability.

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