Trending September 2023 # Top 4 Packages In Laravel Ecommerce (Explain &Amp; Detail) # Suggested October 2023 # Top 13 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # Top 4 Packages In Laravel Ecommerce (Explain &Amp; Detail) # Suggested October 2023 # Top 13 Popular

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Introduction to LARAVEL Ecommerce

LARAVEL Ecommerce is a complete package that provides customers with all the necessary tools to bolster or their business. LARAVEL Ecommerce is known for its smooth navigability and robust scalability. So an e-commerce site can grow from a small entity to a huge corporation, but the framework would still be able to cope with the rigors. LARAVEL is the youngest framework among all the other frameworks that PHP supports. And as of today, it is the fastest-rising and the most popular framework. The reasons are plenty. LARAVEL is easy to use, highly flexible, and has immense clarity. It is quite robust and an extremely scalable framework. With features like secure authorization and an incredible customizable command structure, LARAVEL has been scaling great heights for some time now. It also has a large community to support it, and hence LARAVEL has become one of the most sought-after choices as an e-commerce platform. An e-commerce system is an amalgamation of different sub-systems. Each subsystem is in sync with each other to form a seamless unit. Because of LARAVEL’s popularity, several ecommerce packages came about quickly. Over a period of time, not many survived, though, barring a few. In this article, we will talk about the ones who survived.

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Laravel Ecommerce Packages

Below are the packages of LARAVEL Ecommerce:

1. Bagisto

This is an open-source LARAVEL Ecommerce was one of the earliest to have come up. It quickly garnered enough eyeballs due to its myriad features. One of the most popular features that Bagisto offers is its multi-warehouse facility.

The features do not stop there:

A built-in Easy to use Admin Panel

Multi-Currency Facility



PAYMENT Integration

Access Control Level

This list is not exhaustive at all.

One of the reasons why Bagisto has been so popular is because of the code-driven approach and functionalities that are extremely customizable. All these make it a handy platform where an ecommerce platform can be set up.

Bagisto, as per their roadmap, is online to include quite a few additions. Multi-vendor marketplace for creating marketplaces for a large number of vendors, Ali Express drop shipping, LARAVEL web-based POS, and much more. A Multi-company SaaS module is also being included in the mix, along with a B2B marketplace. Support to REST and GRAPHQL API. All this will make Bagisto one of the most sought-after LARAVEL ecommerce frameworks.

Bagisto has an inbuilt SEO capability that will help consumers know your presence. One can use this ability to fill the meta description, keywords, and title and help the store or the product appear at the top of the search.

2. Aimeos

The render time of this framework is 40 ms, and it can be distributed to 16 databases. This allows it to handle up to 10000 orders a day. Another great feature that acts as an attraction is that the online stores are fully SEO optimized. They are also well protected against SQL injection operations, which are usually the bane for online operations.

Aimeos boasts of a well-rounded code structure that will help the developer quickly set up the essential tools needed for ecommerce operations. Aimeos is also capable of integrating well with any PHP application. This kind of customization makes Aimeos one of the most popular ecommerce packages on the LARAVEL framework. However, it is still under expansion, and more work is being done on the SEO compliance part, and once that is complete, Aimeos is sure to become a platform to beat.

3. AvoRed

This is also an open-source platform and is a shopping cart, which is not just customizable but also mobile-friendly by default. AvoRed can be molded as per the requirements.

AvoRed is an incredible platform for many reasons. Product facilities like categories, attributes, and the like can be easily created. All this can be done along with integrating order management abilities which is an efficient way to track one’s order, save customer information as well as facilitate inventory management.

4. Laraship

Laraship is a multi-vendor platform built on the LARAVEL framework. It is created in a manner where a vendor can sell multiple products under a single window. Laraship allows up to 10 payment gateways and has a store of multiple themes. Laraship also offers its powerful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool. This makes Laraship one of the most versatile ecommerce platforms under the LARAVEL framework.

One can sell any kind of product one wishes to, ranging from tangible products to digital entities.

With Laraship, one can add products, define them and make the promotion of all of them a wholesome affair.

It is a platform with some of the best ecommerce themes. Hence, the worry about designs will become a thing of the past.


The LARAVEL framework provides a robust and seamless infrastructure for those who wish to set up an extraordinary ecommerce website. It allows multiple functions to fulfill myriad tasks. The above list is definitely not an exhaustive one; however, as mentioned before, most other platforms have lost their charm and not survived the onslaught of the digital world.

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