Trending September 2023 # Webcam Settings Are Not Saving: 7 Ways To Permanently Fix It # Suggested October 2023 # Top 18 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # Webcam Settings Are Not Saving: 7 Ways To Permanently Fix It # Suggested October 2023 # Top 18 Popular

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Webcam Settings Are Not Saving: 7 Ways to Permanently Fix It Our tested methods will make your webcam settings work again




Webcam settings can be easily configured using the software provided by the webcam manufacturer or in Windows settings.

However, there are certain instances where webcam settings in apps like Skype, Microsoft Teams, and OBS Studio are not saved.

To solve this issue, you can reinstall these apps, or update the camera driver. 



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Whether you use your webcam to chat with loved ones, clients, or suppliers, the experience can be improved with the right settings.

A webcam’s software must be installed on the computer in order to use the hardware and configure its settings, regardless of whether the webcam is built-in or external.

However, there are instances where the settings don’t save. In this article, first, we will explain why this happens and how to fix it. So, let’s get started.

Why are my webcam settings not saving?

Some webcam problems, including failing to save your settings, can be traced back to malfunctioning software. Furthermore, this problem might be triggered by running cleaning apps, which frequently erase your saved data or cache.

Also, configuring a webcam without having it connected to a computer can prevent the settings from being saved.

How do I change my webcam settings permanently? 1. Logitech webcam settings not saving 2. Skype webcam settings not working 2.1. Check the webcam’s cable

The first step is ensuring your webcam is connected to your PC correctly. So, check the cables or change the ports the webcam is connected to.

Because it’s possible that the port itself is the source of the problem.

2.2 Select your webcam in Skype settings

Open the Skype app and go to the Settings menu.

After that, select the Audio and Video option. Now, check which device is set as the default webcam (Skype may have selected the wrong device).

If your webcam cannot be recognized, open its app and turn it on using its software.

Next, restart Skype.

Go to the same menu and select camera.

3. OBS webcam settings not saving 3.1. Restart the app or PC 

The first thing you should try is closing the app and starting it back up again. However, if that didn’t work, instead of trying more involved solutions, consider restarting the computer first. Because, in some cases, the problem is minor and can be resolved with a simple app relaunch.

3.2. Disable firewall

Expert tip:

Disable these tools for now and restart OBS Studio to see if the issue is resolved.

It’s possible that OBS app problems are to blame when a camera functions normally in its own app but fails when used with OBS.

To solve the problem, reinstalling the app, or installing the latest version, should do the trick. So, a simple reinstall or updating the app should fix the issue.

4. Teams webcam settings not saving

If you’re having trouble with saving your camera settings in Teams, it could be because you haven’t chosen the right webcam. So, we recommend you follow the steps above.

How do I change my webcam settings in Windows 10/11? 

Press Windows + I keys to open the Settings menu.

Select Bluetooth & devices from the left, then Cameras from the right menu.

Next, choose the webcam or network camera in the Connected camera settings.

Now, use the Brightness, Contrast, and Rotate Video options to change the webcam settings.

You can also enable or disable HDR Video and Eye Contact features if available.

In addition to the solutions detailed above, you may also uninstall Camera from the Device Manager menu and reinstall it.

Using this method, you can fix issues caused by a faulty driver and, perhaps, resolve the problem where your webcam’s settings aren’t being saved.

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