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Trending September 2023 # What Is Jni In Java? # Suggested October 2023 # Top 12 Popular

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What is JNI in Java?

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Understanding JNI in Java

In order to understand the Java Native Interface, we will be going through a simple example. In the below example, we have used C language to integrate it with the Java code in order to create an instance of the class that could be used to bring the functionality of that class in use. We will see how the native keyword can be used to help make the code integration happen.

The method declared with the native method cannot be defined. The fourth line creates a method named screamHello which could be used later in the application. The last two lines are all about calling the defined methods using the pre-declared class. The fifth line is the usual Java code that invokes the main method. The last line, “new HelloToTheJNI().screamHello(),” will be used to create the instance and will also be the native methods in use.

How does JNI in Java make Working so Easy?

The Java Native Interface plays a crucial role when it comes to integrating the code of other languages with the Java codes. The main problem it solves is that it allows the application created in Java to add the perfection of other languages such as C & C++. In the normal way we code, we are strictly bound to use a single language to develop the application due to the limitation of the compiler or interpreter. By the use of JNI, we can overcome this limitation of using just a single language to develop any application.

The enterprise application is the one that has actually used this functionality of Java. When it comes to developing the application that has to work at the organizational level, it has to possess some of the customized functionality. In case if the functionality couldn’t be found in one programming language(Java), the other, like C & C++, could help. To manage memory efficiently and improve the proficiency of the application, JNI really helps us a lot and makes our work easier.

Advantages of JNI in Java

Integrates other Language Codes with Java: The sole purpose of Java Native Interface is to combine the code written in Java with code written in other languages like C & C++, which is mainly to bring additional functionality to the application.

Enhances the Service Area: The application that has been developed only using Java cannot do all things that other languages can do. But by the usage of JNI, it is possible to drag the main features of other languages in the Java-based application.


The applications these days are supposed to be more efficient in the traditional once in all aspects. The traditional application was supposed to do the specified work only and is actually what their purpose was. But in the sheer dynamic world, the application has to be efficient enough to meet users requirements. It is very important for the application to perform well in terms of fast execution and offer a broad range of functionalities to get considered the good one, and all of these could be possible by using Java Native Interface.

The JNI helps developers develop efficient programs that can meet the major user or business requirements and have great proficiency. The program developed using JNI is ample capacity for handling the memory to improve the way it was managed traditionally. In simple terms, it just makes things very easy for developers, for businesses and for users. Together with all the things we discussed, it is very interesting to know that the application developed using JNI perform well than other application depending on how it has been developed.

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