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Trending September 2023 # Why Is Valorant Installer Not Opening? # Suggested October 2023 # Top 15 Popular

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But when you cannot open the launcher after trying multiple times, there must be some problem with the setup or your PC.

Read through this write-up to know what to do when the Valorant installer is not opening.

Outdated Windows

Outdated Graphics drivers

Interference of Windows Firewall or antivirus

Conflicting programs running in the background

Problem with the installation file

Let’s focus on what to do when the Valorant installer isn’t working.

Follow the methods described below when the Valorant installer is not opening.

Sometimes the game installer may require administrative privileges to run.

So, try to run it as an administrator when you cannot open the Valorant installer.

This can fix the issue.

To run the Valorant installer as an administrator, follow the steps given below:

Go to the Compatibility tab and check the box for Run this program as an administrator, as shown below.

Valorant won’t open if your Windows is not up to date.

You need an updated operating system to run games like Valorant. So, make sure that your Windows is up to date.

If you have not checked for updates in the recent past, then update your Windows now by following the steps given below:

To update Windows, follow the steps given below:

Once done updating, Windows restart your PC. Now check if you can open the Valorant installer. If you still cannot, update the graphics drivers of your system.

Ensure that your device’s graphics drivers are always up to date. Valorant can be unstable with the older graphics driver versions.

The graphics card manufacturers keep releasing driver updates to enhance gaming performance.

Follow the steps below to troubleshoot your graphics drivers:  

After uninstallation of the drivers, install them again.

If you are using an AMD graphics driver, install Radeon. Then run the app. Similarly, for NVIDIA graphics drivers, install & run the GeForce Experience app.

If you have them installed on your PC, then run the app. It will detect the missing graphics drivers and download & install them.

Once done, restart your device. Run the app once again to check for updates. If any update is available, download & install it.

Now check if this could fix the problem. If not, then disable Firewall.

Windows Defender Firewall can sometimes detect Valorant as a false positive and prevent the installer from launching.

So, disable Windows Firewall temporarily and the antivirus you are using.

Type Windows Firewall in the Windows Search Menu & select Windows Defender Firewall.

If you have any other antivirus protection installed on your PC, disable that too.

As disabling Windows Firewall or antivirus makes your system vulnerable to malicious threats, so make sore you enable those soon after.

If you have lots of other apps running in the background, then this can also be the reason why the Valorant installer isn’t launching.

So, close the unnecessary app running in the background to avoid conflicts with the Valorant installer.

Follow the steps given below to close the running apps:

Repeat the procedure and close all the unnecessary programs running in the background.

Apps like Discord, Google Chrome, GeForce Experience, and Nvidia Shadow Play should be closed before you open the Valorant installer.

If none of the above methods could fix the problem with the Valorant installer, then reinstall it.

If there is a problem with the installation file, then that can be fixed with a fresh installation.

To do so, follow the steps given below:

Type Control Panel in the Windows search box and choose the top option.

Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the uninstallation process. Once done, reinstall Valorant from the official site.

1. Why isn’t Van installing?

If Van is not installed, make sure that you have a stable internet connection. Check the internet speed, and if everything goes fine, try again.

2. Do I need to open Vanguard while playing Valorant?

Riot Vanguard should be active while playing Valorant. Valorant will not run without Riot Vanguard.

3. Why is Valorant stuck?

Valorant can get stuck due to poor internet connection or f the game servers are down.

So, make sure the internet connection is stable, and the gamer servers are up & running.

The above methods should fix the problem when you cannot open the Valorant launcher.

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